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Hostel Rules & Regulation


ANM training is a residential programme. All students should remain in the hostel. For some for any serious reasons will be exempted. Students are required to bring Blankets, Mosquito nets and other bed linen. Hostel fee Rs. 300/- Monthly.


From Karuna Canteen meals are provided. At the end of every month canteen bill to be cleared.

Hostel rules & regulation

A copy of the hostel rules and regulations will be provided to the students and they are expected to maintain dignity and good discipline in the hostel and school.


  • Vacation is granted by the school as per school regulation. Students are not allowed to extend the leave on any ground. Any prolonged absence will be mad up.
  • Excess of 10 days sick leave must be made up.
  • All make up days will be completed before proceeding for vacation.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action (termination/ suspension) will be taken for:

Disobedience of the rules and regulations prescribed by the Collage authority.


Giving wrong information on the health certificates.

Creating any kind of disturbance in the school/hospital/ hostel

Attempting to stage a strike in the school or hospital for any reason whatsoever.

Instigating other students to go on a strike.

Participating any activity which will undermine discipline.

Using unfair means during test and examinations.

Unsatisfactory progress in studies.

Unsatisfactory work in the clinical areas.Students should not incur debts. The institution will not be responsible for any student’s debts. The institution will not be responsible for any loss or damage. From whatsoever cause, to any property belonging to students.

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